A podcast about strength & culture for women-types who lift.

Strength Coaches Katherine Bickford and Cassi Niemann offer candid conversations on strength and its culture for the more female lifter. Together they discuss training topics with a healthy heaping of perspective, feelings, and humor.



Katherine Bickford is a competitive powerlifter and a Barbell Strength Coach based out of Bay Strength in Berkeley, California. After years as a competitive swimmer, and several years of a total lapse in physical activity, Katherine discovered strength training. When learning to squat, Katherine couldn’t stand up with her own bodyweight!

Since starting from zero, Katherine has coached many others to do the same, and has made barbell training a way of life. She has competed in many powerlifting meets over the last few years and she loves to help people discover their own strength potential!




Cassi is a Barbell Strength Coach and UCanRow2 Master Rowing Instructor who helps people of all ages and capabilities build stronger, more useful bodies through conditioning and strength training. She is based out of Richmond Balance in Richmond, Virginia and offers both in-person and online coaching for basic barbell training and indoor rowing.

Cassi believes that conditioning and strength training leads to healthier and happier people - and ultimately, a more awesome life. When not training others, Cassi is a competitive powerlifter, a novice strongman athlete, and a masters rower with Virginia Boat Club.